Photo by Hana Knizova

Photo by Hana Knizova

We are identical twin artists who work as a collaborative team. We both received Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from New York University and are currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. 

Our work explores the complex nature of the alter ego and its role in the various ways different audiences perceive these personas through media manipulation, cultural taboos, celebrity culture, twin identities, fantasies, and fascinations. 

We insert ourselves in almost all of our works, as a sort of narcissism, and objectify ourselves and our subjects. Our work is a commentary on celebrity exploitation and its role in fame, mass media’s reconstruction of reality through manipulation, shock, and spectacle, the seduction of abjection, and the concept of self. 

Ultimately leading the viewer to interpret our works not just as objects, but as entertainment. More than anything, we like to be ourselves and have fun with the work we make ;).  

Instagram: @the_kaplan_twins

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